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We help companies build business, innovate, develop capabilities and grow


Let us do the organising

We organise and manage international, national and local events covering the arts and sciences. We've managed prestigious events at the Royal Society, BAFTA, Kew Gardens, concert halls and other venues across the UK.

Have a look at the events in our portfolio. Even if you just need a small amount of help to lighten the load and release some of the stress - get in touch!

Web Design

We love digital design

We can build you a beautifully designed website that will work on any device and which will use the latest in web technology. And what's more, you'll be amazed at our prices. You shouldn't have to pay through the roof to have a dynamic and beautifully presented website. And you won't. Ask us for a quote.

Select the tabs above to find out more about our responsive sites and how easily you will be able to update your site with your own content. We can also implement a full email, server and document solution using Google.

Responsive as standard

In the near future, websites will be viewed more frequently on mobile devices and tablets than on desktops and laptops. Our websites, as standard, are responsive. They'll reformat their layout to best fit which device is being used. To achieve this we use the latest technology.

Give it a try! Our website is responsive. Narrow your browser window to the size of a smartphone or view our site with an iPhone or other mobile device. The site will reformat to make the most of the new display.

iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop. Whichever device - your site will look great

Responsive web design

Have a look at our web portfolio and try viewing the sites with different devices. We'll be doing this for you too, and you won't pay more for it. Why should you?

Update your own website

It's not that we don't want to hear from you - we just think it would be easier if you could update your site without our help. Our sites are all built using a content-management-system (CMS). This will provide you with a simple and secure interface that will allow you to login and add your own content to the site.

The CMS we use is Wordpress - well known for being incredibly simple. We do not, however, use free or commercial Wordpress themes to build our sites. All of our sites are custom built by us and will be utterly unique. You don't want your site to look like everyone else's, neither do we.

Add, swap, take away

CMS using Wordpress

Change the text, change photos, add blog posts, add new staff members or project info - just about anything!


Input your own content using Wordpress

Wordpress has a simple interface for adding images and text. If you've used Word, you'll be able to format your text. We can provide training and documentation to whatever extent you feel you need.

It's time to throw away the server

We can implement email, cloud documents and cloud storage that does not rely on an expensive server taking up space in a corner of your office. All you need is an internet connection.

To provide this service we use Google Apps. This service allows you to easily add new staff members and their email addresses, collaborate on spreadsheets and documents, create a secure cloud server accessible wherever and by whomever you choose and much more. We use it ourselves and we've set it up for many others. Ask us for a demonstration.

Email, Documents, Storage - in the Cloud


Manage better

In order to make the right business decisions, you need to have the right data. If you run your business from paper and spreadsheets, you'll know how time consuming it is to analyse the performance of your business.

We can implement a bespoke CRM solution using Salesforce. It will change how you run your business. Efficiency, analysis, automation and organisation - at your fingertips.

Get rid of paper, get rid of spreadsheets

Every action and transaction in business is governed by a process. These processes may govern how leads are contacted or converted, how customer service enquiries are handled or how information is transferred and disseminated between employees.

We can help you document and streamline your processes in a way that promotes a consistent set of procedures and also allows staff to contribute and develop the process in a way that encourages them to participate in its benefits.

Data Input

Data input using Salesforce

Our CRM implementation is completely tailored to your business. We will extrapolate your actual process into a digital one, allowing you to have a complete understanding of your business' performance.

Reports and Analysis

CRM reports using Salesforce

Anything you want to measure will be a button-click away. Dashboards will allow you and your staff to have instant feedback on the day's progress. Are your sales on target? Don't open Excel - just click refresh.

Effortless, Efficient, Efficacy.

Our first step is to map out your business processes from start to finish. We look at each process and see how they can be improved and, in some circumstances, automated. Are you currently producing lots of documents from a template? Let us automate your documents by syncing them with the data in your CRM.

Automated Document Creation

Automating documents using Salesforce

We can implement beautifully designed documents that contain content specific to a lead or opportunity. We have produced large technical documents and simple marketing documents that utilise all the data your staff have been writing into the CRM.

Remote Forms

Using iPads to input data

If your point of sale is at a customer's property, we can implement beautiful forms that work offline and can be inserted into your bespoke sales documents.

Engineering your processes

Let's sit and look at a map. We can pick out where you want to campaign, purchase data, and map the acquired data over satellite imagery. We can then send out your sales teams and have them acquire further data remotely. Need photos taken of a site? They'll be pinned to a map using GPS. Need to create site diagrams for your work? Draw directly onto satellite imagery using an iPad and then view it in Google Earth once back in the office.

Have something else in mind? Ask us. We were responsibe for implementing a remote sales and marketing system for the largest fleet of small-scale wind turbines in the UK.

Geographical Data Acquisition and Analysis

Using geo data to map business

Once you've seen your data geographically - making business decisions becomes so much easier.


We can market your business

Whether it's a bespoke email campaign, targeted PR exposure or the development of a social media presence - we can help. We can either get you started or do it all for you.

If you're starting from scratch or looking for an overhaul, we can design a fresh new image for your company. We've also developed some fantastic technical solutions for managing your marketing, so have a look at our consultancy work.

It's what we know, and who we know

Your business is fantastic, and you need to get the message out. We can set up regular email campaigns, a social media presence and we have an extensive PR network. We know a lot of people in the game - and they take our calls! We have relationships stretching back many years with the regional press and are timely and influential with our delivery. A track record in effective, traceable, press coverage is how we deliver your news to the news.

Email Campaigns

Email Marketing

We can send out beautifully designed email campaigns to your email subscribers for one-off occasions or on a regular basis. We write great copy and can make your message relevant to reduce unsubscribes.

Press Releases

Press Releases

We have an extensive presslist and we know a lot of people. Let us help you spread the word about your business, event or idea.

We love design, we love social.

Your brand is not only what you communicate to your customers, it's also something that we know you will be deeply passionate about. So tell us your ideas and we'll help you visualise them. We can design logos, business cards, letterheads and documents. We build beautiful websites too, about which you can read above.

Brand Design and Social Media

We adore design and can put together a fresh new look for your brand. Whether this be bespoke documents, modern logos or digital branding.

We are also fluent in social media, however, we'd rather teach you how to do it yourself than take this on for you - we think you or your employees are the best placed to deliver the company message.

Target your marketing geographically

Alongside our CRM and sales consultancy work we also deliver strategies and ideas for modern marketing. We can show you how to use CRM tools to manage your marketing, and how to use mapping software to display and target your data geographically. Sending out the same marketing to all your leads isn't always the right approach - sometimes a local touch is needed. We can show you how to bucket up your data into regional chunks and deliver tailored marketing to their location.

Map your data, sort it into regions, tailor your marketing

Consultancy service to map geographical data

Mapping your data geographically can help you make the best marketing decisions. It also helps to keep your fleet of sales people efficient - you can make sure vistis are clustered together throughout the day.